Frequently Asked Questions for Hollister Ranch Realty

Hollister Ranch is a beautiful place for a home… permanent residence or a second home

What can be developed on one’s parcel and what are the procedures to do so?

All Hollister Ranch parcels are in the Agricultural Preserve as a result of the Williamson Act. As such, each 100-acre parcel is permitted a primary residence. A guesthouse may also be permitted. The guesthouse living area cannot exceed 800 square feet. Those residences, as well as any support structures must be constructed within a 2-acre development envelope. The remaining acreage must be devoted to commercial agriculture… (see more)

What utilities are available to owners of these rural properties?

Water – All parcels at the Ranch have water wells. The wells have varying capacities and are of varying quality. There are a number of solutions to water quality that can provide drinking quality water for residential use. Approximately 1/3 of the parcels are served by three separate water companies. The water to these parcels has already been treated to state quality standards… (see more)

What Schools Are Nearby? 

An outstanding K through 8 elementary school, Vista de las Cruces, is located approximately 10 minutes from the Hollister Ranch entrance gate. The test scoring at Vista de las Cruces is among the highest five schools in all of Santa Barbara County. A school bus comes into the Ranch to pick up the elementary school students… (see more)

What is Meant by a “Partial Interest” or “Co-ownership” of a Parcel? 

While 100 acre Hollister Ranch parcels cannot be subdivided, there are a number of Hollister Ranch properties owned by more than one family. While there are a few multiply owned parcels owned differently, most multiple ownership arrangements involve three unrelated families, each owning an undivided 1/3 interest in the 100 acre parcel… (see more)

Who has Access to Hollister Ranch Access other than owners and employees? 

Each parcel (not each owner) is permitted twelve guests per day. The sponsoring owner must be on the Ranch when a guest is present, and the guest must leave when the sponsoring owner leaves the Ranch. For special events, the HROA management may approve an extended guest list where the owner is subjected to requirements and restrictions… (see more)

How is the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association administered? 

Every December an annual business meeting is convened to elect a five-member Board of Directors. Open to all owners, the monthly meetings of the Board allow for owner input, for the disseminating of information to the membership and to develop policies & give direction to the HROA management… (see more)

How to buy Property at Hollister Ranch?

How to Buy The best way in which to locate and purchase property at Hollister Ranch is to first, review our website for available property(ies). When something that looks promising, please give us a call to arrange a visit in order to determine whether the property is indeed something that is desirable.… (see more)

How to Sell One's Property at Hollister Ranch?

Water – If the time comes when you decide to sell your property at Hollister Ranch, you will want the representation of an agency that specializes in HR sales… ideally, only sales at the Ranch. There are “expert” agents from out of the area who sell property at the Ranch.… (see more)

Renting at Hollister Ranch? 

Some Hollister Ranch owners will rent their homes either long term or short term. It is important to know that only those who already own property at the Ranch are able to rent at the Ranch. Rentals range for small bungalows to full country estates.… (see more)

Outdoor Activities at Hollister Ranch? 

The most predominant activities at Hollister Ranch involve either horseback riding or beach recreation. For those owners with no equestrian facilities on their own parcel, the 100-acre San Augustine Ranch will board owners’ horses… (see more)

Large Events at Hollister Ranch? 

Every Hollister Ranch parcel is permitted 12 guests per day to be on the Ranch. In the event there is the need for a larger number of guests, an owner can apply for an extended guest list. … (see more)