Hollister Ranch Tidepool School T-Shirt Contest

The winner of the Hollister Ranch Tidepool School T-Shirt Contest

The winner  is Peter Forgie. We will be contacting Peter for his size so that we can send him his valuable prize. Keep you eyes peeled for the next Hollister Ranch Realty Contest.

Hollister Ranch Tidepool School T-Shirt was Designed by Renowned Santa Barbara Artist Robert Heeley

The beautiful graphic on the Hollister Ranch Tidepool School T-Shirt was created in 2009. There have been a number of runs of the T-Shirt by Santa Barbara entrepreneur John Coudray of American Silkscreen. One can occasionally see them worn locally by folks who are in the know or have been docents for the Tidepool School.

In 2014, one of the finest artists in the Santa Barbara area passed away. Robert Heeley was a young, vibrant up & coming painter who captured the feeling of the surfing community in which he lived. He not only accurately, if in his own stylistic impression, the locales in the area, the painting reflected the emotions most surfers had experienced themselves.

Often raveling to exotic surfing locations around the world, and producing works that reflected those far away locales, he always returned to his roots on the south coast of Santa Barbara County.

Impressionistic, surf and ocean artist Robert Heeley found his inspiration and stoke from our planet's truest healing energy: nature and her magical, mystical oceans.

Robert drew upon his surfing and sailing lifestyle to create inspired images of seascapes and ocean living. He captured the surfer's dream of spectacular waves at famous surf spots throughout California, Hawaii, Mexico and beyond. Characterized by his use of rich and uniquely balanced colors, his work piques the imagination with thrilling imagery of sparking surfaces and the breath of fresh, salt air.

Rob's work invokes the 1970's retro representation while contributing impressionistic plein air designs to the contemporary form, truly displaying his roots in the Southern California surf art tradition.

To have the talent of such a fine, young artist cut short so early was tragic indeed. However, his outstanding works will go on to inspire those who are drawn to the ocean.

  • Santa Barbara Wave Painting near Hollister Ranch
  • Robert Heeley Outdoors California Painting
  • California Coast Painting Hanging in the Hollister Ranch Realty Office