Trina Galvan Organics provides local produce to Hollister Ranch

We at Hollister Ranch Realty enjoy healthy, local produce. We are happy to introduce clients to those who provide fruits and vegetables to south coast residents. One such provider is Trina Galvan in San Luis Obispo just above Gaviota and Hollister Ranch.

Trina worked in the farming business until she was 19 years old. Her parents were farmers for as long as she can remember, they had multiple farm locations in Arroyo Grande CA. She has spend the last 13 years getting experience in the baking industry. she knew she missed being out in nature and in the process of working on a bakery business plan she got the opportunity to go back to her roots.

She didn't go back and forth debating whether she should go back to farming. She just took the opportunity and ran with it. It's been great, She has learned a lot in her first 6 months.

She considers her first year as a year of experimentation. She has successfully planted over 500 tomato plants, around 15 varieties, summer squash, peppers, tomatillos, peas, corn, basil, edible flowers, microgreens, beets and radishes. She has had a few glitches here and there but nothing too serious. She will only be farming organically, as she has gotten older she has really gotten into eating healthy and she thinks it's important for her to provide delicious veggies that are healthy for the community.

Her future goals are to have multiple farm locations as her parents did and eventually incorporate her veggies into a taco truck business where she can further provide the community with healthy meals. She loves animals, especially dogs. Part of her proceeds will go to local shelters in San Luis Obispo county to help with adoption fees.

For example:

A certified organic veggie box $12.00

2 lbs mixed summer squash ($2.50 per lb)

1 lb mixed specialty tomatoes ($3.00 per lb)

1 lb jasper cherry tomatoes ($4.00 per lb)

More veggies coming soon! Available veggies in the next couple weeks: peppers, basil, beets and cucumbers

Boxes can be customized.

Portion of the proceeds will go to local shelters to help with pet adoption fees.

To order a weekly or monthly box or for more information please email

Special arrangements can be made for pick-up or delivery times and days.

  • Hollister Ranch Realty buys only local produce
  • For a happy and healthy life, eat your veggies like we do here at Hollister Ranch