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Refugio State Beach

Refugio State Beach is on the Gaviota Coast about 10 minutes east of Hollister Ranch (the coastline runs east & west similar to the Frech Riviera).

Mammoths at Hollister Ranch

Mammoths grazed the coastal plains at Hollister Ranch as recently as 10,000 years ago.

Buzzards at Hollister Ranch

Buzzards, or Turkey Vultures, keep the Hollister Ranch landscape free of animals that have passed on. Following a day of soaring and eating, they spread their wings to absorb the sun's warmth. 

Gaviota State Park Flood 1998

In 1998 an el Niño storm flooded Gaviota State Beach Park.

South-facing Moonrise at Hollister Ranch

The summer-time full moons rise over the ocean at Hollister Ranch.

Three Bucks out the Window

Passing by the offices of Hollister Ranch Realty, these "Three Amigos" stopped for a drink.

Unlisted Hollister Ranch estate

This unlisted estate at Hollister Ranch is possibly the most luxurious at the Ranch. Contact Holister Ranch Realty for details

Solar power at Hollister Ranch Realty

With the installation of their solar array, Hollister Ranch Realty has reduced their SCE bill from over $400 per month to less than $10 per month.

The Sherpa Fire from Hollister Ranch

Safe from the raging Sherpa Fire about 40 milkes to our east, Hollister Ranch residents have had a very good view of the event.

Return of the Brown Pelican to Hollister Ranch

The Brown Pelican formations are once again cruising over the beaches of Hollister Ranch.


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