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The Sherpa Fire from Hollister Ranch

Safe from the raging Sherpa Fire about 40 milkes to our east, Hollister Ranch residents have had a very good view of the event.

Return of the Brown Pelican to Hollister Ranch

The Brown Pelican formations are once again cruising over the beaches of Hollister Ranch.

Dick LaRue of Hollister Ranch

Dick LaRue came up with the idea of a Hollster Ranch Owners' Association in 1969. The owner of the Ranch OKed the idea, and the rest is a history of coastal protection. 

California Coastal Marine Layer

Springtime brings a thick marine layer that engulfs the California coastline. Hollister Ranch is an exception to that rule with sunny days.

Hollister Ranch Cattle Ready for Shipping

After a winter of raising calves to adulthod, it is time to ship cattle from Hollister Ranch. Despite a lingering drought, the Ranch has judiciously grazed the 14,000 acres providing a benefit to the natural environment and reducing the fuel load for any wildfire.

Kanaloa Seafood Market & Kitchen

The best fresh seafood by far close to Hollister Ranch is Kanaloa Seafood Market & Kitchen. The meals are delicious and the fresh fish is the same that the local high-end restaurants serve.

The Point Conception Lighthouse near Hollister Ranch

Nearby to Hollister Ranch, the Point Conception Lighthouse sits atop a bluff where the California Coast turns 90° going from the south facing Hollister Ranch coastline to the weather-torn west facing beaches to the north.

California Grey Whale Migration Past Hollister Ranch

Every spring over 1000 California Grey Whales migrate from the lagoons of Baja California to Alaska. Cutting the corner near Hollister Ranch at Point Conception, the whales come closet to shore off Hollister Ranch.

Circle Bar B Guest Ranch & Stables

Just minutes from the Hollister Ranch is the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch & Stables. For a rustic, yet very comfortble stay, Hollister Ranch Realty clients have found this to be an ideal over night experience.

Cattle Roundup

It's time for the cattle roundup at Hollister Ranch. HR owners assist in the gathering and processing of this year's now grown calves.


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