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Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is the closest medical facility to Hollister Ranch. It is refreshing to see that Hollister Ranch owners continue to financially support the hospital.

Gaviota Store

The old Gaviota Store was a historical treasure thay served the needs of those at Hollister Ranch.It was demolished and replaced with a Cape Cod-like structure that burnt down on 2002.

Bacara Resort and Spa

When visiting the Gaviota area in order to see Hollister Ranch, those who prefer upscale accommodations could do no beter than enjoying a stay at the Bacara Resort and Spa.

El Capitan Canyon Resort

When coming from out of the area, some Hollister Ranch Realty clients will spend an evening at the El Capitan Canyon Resort. This upscale campround is about 15 minutes from the entrance gate to Hollister Ranch and is a very comfortable location for a natural experience with all the amenities at one's disposal.

New Hollister Ranch Listing

The west end of Hollister Ranch is the most unvisited and unaffected part of the Ranch. Other than parcel owners in the area, few venture into essentially undeveloped Cojo Canyon.  

Reagans' Hollister Ranch visit

Before purchasing Rancho Cielo in Santa Barbara County, Ronald and Nancy Reagan considerd property at Hollister Ranch. Wendie and I were fortunate to be there for the visit and take some photographs.

Incoming Storm

Hollister Ranch is in the cross-hairs of an incoming storm. February was pretty dry, but the forecasters are telling us to fasten our seatbelts for some significan precipitation in March.

Hollister Ranch Cooperative

The Hollister Ranch Cooperative manages the cattle operations at Hollister Ranch. The cattle grazing benefits the Ranch and its owners in many ways.

Clearing winds at Hollister Ranch

After the passage of a low pressure rain event at Hollister Ranch, the following high pressure cell can kick up a stiff breeze in the Santa Barbara Channel for a day.

Hollister Ranch horse country

It's the season for newborns, and the Hollister Ranch horse owners often see additions to their family. Many clients of Hollister Ranch Realty purchase property here in order to enjoy riding in the backcountry as well as along the 8 1/2 miles of Common Area sandy beach away from any negative influences. Rancho San Augustine will board owners' horses when such facilities are unavailable on their own Hollister Ranch parcel.


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