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Incoming Storm

Hollister Ranch is in the cross-hairs of an incoming storm. February was pretty dry, but the forecasters are telling us to fasten our seatbelts for some significan precipitation in March.

Hollister Ranch Cooperative

The Hollister Ranch Cooperative manages the cattle operations at Hollister Ranch. The cattle grazing benefits the Ranch and its owners in many ways.

Clearing winds at Hollister Ranch

After the passage of a low pressure rain event at Hollister Ranch, the following high pressure cell can kick up a stiff breeze in the Santa Barbara Channel for a day.

Hollister Ranch horse country

It's the season for newborns, and the Hollister Ranch horse owners often see additions to their family. Many clients of Hollister Ranch Realty purchase property here in order to enjoy riding in the backcountry as well as along the 8 1/2 miles of Common Area sandy beach away from any negative influences. Rancho San Augustine will board owners' horses when such facilities are unavailable on their own Hollister Ranch parcel.

Sea Lions

Sunrise at the Hollister Ranch found these sea lions basking in the rising sun in the east as the full moon sets in the west. Not just the land, but the shoreline at Hollister Ranch is also a wildlife preserve. For almost 20 years, Hollister Ranch Realty agent Wendie Kruthers has served as the coordinator for the Hollister Ranch Conservancy's Tidepool School for local elementary school students from Santa Barbara to Santa Maria.

Hollister Ranch Sunset

Last evening the Astronomy Club of Santa Barbara came out to Hollister Ranch and set up their magnificent telescopes at our Bulito Cabaña. Not only did their telescopes enable us to see so many more stars, the Club members were also a wealth of information and fun facts about all we saw. Since all of this event took place in the dark, photos wouldn’t be very useful. So, I’ve attached a photo of the visual from Hollister Ranch Realty that we enjoyed looking over Point Conception on the Western end of the Gaviota Coast a couple of nights ago.

A Greening Hollister Ranch

Hollister Ranch is greening up as a result of the recent rains. The grazing animals, cattle and deer, are finally feasting on new feed rather than the dry, brown vegetation that was only available previously. This photo was taken today by Jeff Kruthers, the Hollister Ranch Broker, from the deck at Hollister Ranch Realty looking southeast to the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. More rain is scheduled for the next month or so. If that prediction comes to pass, the Ranch should green-up even further, and the wildflower season should be quite colorful.

Hollister Ranch Buck

With the end of rutting season, the Hollister Ranch Mule Deer bucks have little to do. Since there is no hunting at Hollister Ranch they safely roam about looking for something tasty. For that reason we find it a good idea to fence off our garden and orchard from their hungry gaze. This big guy was thirsty, so he took to emptying our bird bath. The photo was taken from the Hollister Ranch Realty office window. He looked longingly into the garden and the orchard before wandering off. It won't be long before the does show up with their youngins.

Winter Fog

Hollister Ranch just had three winter related weather events almost simultaneously. Yesterday morning at sunup the fog bank came up the Gaviota Coast to just inside the eastern boundary of Hollister Ranch. As the 500 foot thick blanket of white enveloped the rest of the coastline, from here at the Hollister Ranch Realty office we could only hear the waves below, but not see the angry ocean that crashed against the cliffs. This morning, as the sounds of the ocean lessened and the fog was not as thick, rain began to fall… dissipating the fog and exposing a really mixed-up ocean below.

New Hollister Ranch listing

A new Hollister Ranch interest has just been listed. The undivided 1/6 interest in 100-acre Parcel 14 allows two direct family members to be designated as Hollister Ranch owners. Located out here on the west end of Hollister Ranch, this parcel allows for the utmost in privacy and seclusion. It’s coastal backcountry the way things used to be. This Hollister Ranch Realty listing is available at $695,000


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