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Rain at Hollister Ranch

This morning the Hollister Ranch was blessed with a front that brought much needed rain to the Ranch as well as to the Gaviota Coast here in Santa Barbara County. Predictions are for a significant el Niño event during the next few months. That will mean long overdue precipitation for the Hollister Ranch as well as the rest of Southern California. This photo of a rainsquall was taken from the offices of Hollister Ranch Realty by Jeff Kruthers, the Hollister Ranch Broker.

Hollister Ranch Emergency Response

The Hollister Ranch Fire Company is comprised of owners and employees at Hollister Ranch. An embryonic "volunteer fire department" was formed in the 1970s that included members from Hollister Ranch Realty. The volunteers addressed a number of small fire events over the years. One event in 2004 covered over 400 acres. The volunteers prevented any structure loss until the Santa Barbara County firefighters from Station 18 in Gaviota, just outside of Hollister Ranch, arrived.

Hollister Ranch Sunrise

This morning's sunrise here at Hollister Ranch was beautiful and typical of winter mornings here along the Gaviota Coast. Due to the south-facing coastline, the sun comes up over the Pacific at this time of the year between the mainland and the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Varying weather conditions provide for different visuals as the day begins. Each sunrise is as different as is each snowflake (brrrr) in chillier climates.

Calving Season

The Hollister Ranch Cooperative heifers are dropping their calves during December. Pictured is "Bossy" who drops and nurses her calf just below the offices of Hollister Ranch Realty. The current drought has limited the amount of beef produced at Hollister Ranch. Our manager of the cattle operation, John McCarty, is a firm believer in "best practices" grazing. The number of cattle on Hollister Ranch is determined by the available vegetation for the grass-fed beef. This sort of management results in a healthy grazing landscape (no over-grazing) regardless of the prevailing weather patterns.

Waiting on the Green

It’s been sometime since Southern California, and the Gaviota Coast in particular, has experienced substantial rainfall. The first rain event is scheduled for next week that will hopefully bring significant precipitation resulting in brilliant, emerald green hillsides, canyons and coastal plains at the 14,000+ acre Hollister Ranch. This winter-time photo was taken from the window at the office of Hollister Ranch Realty when the Ranch was last covered with green grass.

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving started with a fantastic sunrise and got more exciting since then. Lots of wildlife around with family and friends at the turkey table acknowledging how much we are all thankful for.

Hollister Ranch Autumn Colors at Gaviota, CA

The autumn colors at Hollister Ranch are a prelude to the bright green landscapes that are generated by the winter rains.

Winter Sunrises

With the avent of the winter season, the sun rises in the east over the ocean at Holister Ranch. Every day has a new palette of colors often reflected in the glassy sea..

HROA Annual Meeting

Every December the members of the HROA hold their annual business meeting. A new slate of directors is elected and a summary of the past year's activities as well as notifications regarding upcoming events are discussed. Held locally and catered by an owner who owns the Natural Cafe, the meeting is also an enjoyable social event.

Hollister Ranch Tide Pool School

These students from Ralph Dunbar School were prepared for weather in last year’s Tide Pool School. Preparations are in progress this year’s student visits from a number of elementary schools.


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