Emergency Response

Hollister Ranch Fire Company

Emergency Response at Hollister Ranch

As part of overall emergency response planning, HROA employees and some owners offer volunteer assistance during emergencies. Instructed by HR owner Scott Coffman, Santa Barbara County Battalion Chief, retired, the volunteers have participated in vigorous training exercises to prepare for the possible wildfires that periodically plague California in the summer months. Volunteers are also instructed in other emergency response procedures. It is strenuous work and participation demonstrates the community spirit at Hollister Ranch.

Critical in the first moments of a fire, the volunteers are first responders who provide what is essentially a holding pattern until the professional county personnel from Station 18 in Gaviota, and often from elsewhere as well, arrive. At that point the Hollister Ranch responders offer assistance to the professionals.

Over the years Hollister Ranch has endured a few fires ranging from small to moderate. As a result of training, education and proper clearance around home sites there have been no injuries, and no structures have yet been lost.