Hollister Ranch Guesthouse

Front Row guesthouse at Hollister Ranch

COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA COASTAL ZONING ORDINANCE ARTICLE II OF CHAPTER 35 SANTA BARBARA COUNTY CODE Sec. 35-120. Guest House, Artist Studio, or Pool House/Cabana (Amended by ord. 3845 3120190: Ord. 4169, 10/ 11194; Ord. 4196, 5/16195; Ord. 4298, 3124198; and Ord. 4557,1217104)

1. Accessory structures used as guest houses, artist studios, or cabañas shall conform to criteriaset forth in this section and as defined by ordinance.

2. No guest house shall be located on a lot containing less than one gross acre.

3. There shall not be more than one guest house or artist studio on any lot. There shall be notmore than one cabañas on any lot.

4. The floor area of such guest house, artist studio, or pool house/cabana shall not exceed 800 square feet; however, such structures may be attached to another accessory structure so that the total area of the combined structures exceeds 800 square feet, provided no interior accessexists between the guest house, artist studio, or cabañas and the other accessory structure.

5. No guest house, artist studio, or cabañas shall exceed a height of 16 feet or contain more than one story. A loft shall be counted as a story. A guest house, artist studio, or cabaña may belocated above or below another accessory structure.

6. There shall be no kitchen or cooking facilities within a guest house, artist studio, or cabana. However, a wet bar may be provided, limited to the following features:

a. A counter area with a maximum length of seven feet.

b. The counter area may include a bar sink and an under counter refrigerator.

c. The counter area may include an overhead cupboard area not to exceed seven feet in length.

d. The counter area shall be located against a wall or, if removed from the wall, it shall not create a space more than four feet in depth. The seven-foot counter shall be in one unit. The intentof this provision is to avoid creation of a kitchen room.

e. No cooking facilities shall be included in the wet bar area.

1. Guest houses and cabañas may contain bathrooms as defined by ordinance. An artist studio may contain a restroom, however bathing facilities are not permitted.

2. Guest houses, artist studios, or cabañas shall conform to all of the setback regulations set forthin the applicable zone district for dwellings.