How to buy Property at Hollister Ranch

Learn how to buy Hollister Ranch property


How to Buy The best way in which to locate and purchase property at Hollister Ranch is to first, review our website for available property(ies). When something that looks promising, please give us a call to arrange a visit in order to determine whether the property is indeed something that is desirable.

Following that determination, we at Hollister Ranch Realty will help you formulate an offer that is to your liking. A DRAFT of an offer will be provided as a springboard to an offer that will then be customized to your particular requirements. The offer is then presented to the seller for their response.

The seller will either accept the offer, reject the offer or come back with a counteroffer. Your HR Realty professional will guide you through the negotiation process and ideally arrive at an agreement between you and the seller. At that point, escrow will be opened where your initial deposit will be placed into an escrow account.

Upon the opening of escrow, you will have a period of time (that you have chosen in the offer) to do your due diligence. Once you have cleared any contingencies to the sale, you will be ready to provide escrow with the necessary funds, escrow will close and you will be a Hollister Ranch owner… lucky you!

Lastly, a resident home owning agent will be selling property to their future neighbor. The importance of that aspect should go without saying.