How is the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association administered?

HROA Board of Directors and Aministration


Every December an annual business meeting is convened to elect a five-member Board of Directors. Open to all owners, the monthly meetings of the Board allow for owner input, for the disseminating of information to the membership and to develop policies & give direction to the HROA management.

The board also appoints select committees to address specific areas of concern at the Ranch. Any owner can join any committee in order to offer input and learn more about the matters appropriate to that committee, Examples are: Finance Advisory (FAC), Conservancy, Beach Use & Rules, Roads and Social.

Called for in the Hollister Ranch CC&Rs, the Design Committee and its alternates are chosen specifically by the Board. The Design Committee has been responsible for maintaining the character and pastoral appearance of Hollister Ranch.

Furthermore, Task Forces to deal with specific, generally short-term, issues. Task Force members are chosen for their expertise in the matter(s) at hand.

For instance, the Stewardship Task Force (STF) is tasked with the preservation and protection of the pristine ambience of the Ranch. This often involves consideration of political forces that might wish to impose what would amount to negative impacts to Hollister Ranch. The STF makes recommendations to the Board for actions to take that will benefit HR owners. Jeff Kruthers is a member of the STF.