HR Development Manual

Sensitive HR development in Santa Barbara County

Hollister Ranch (HR) is a unique community committed since its inception to protection and preservation of its open spaces. The Hollister Ranch Development Manual (“aka Design Rules”) is intended to support and further that ownership commitment by providing criteria for integrating development into the natural landscape of the Hollister Ranch. In addition, it provides assistance and guidance that prepares owners for the county development review process. It is the responsibility of all owners and their agents to become familiar with and adhere to the intent as well as the specifics of these design principles, guidelines, rules, and processes. The objectives of this Manual are:

● To foster and guide development that preserves the Hollister Ranch’s natural beauty, resources, open spaces, wildlife, and cattle operations.

● To support HR owners while encouraging and inspiring exemplary stewardship of this unique Ranch environment.

● To provide an avenue for personal expression in design that respects our individual uniqueness and our mutual interests, and positively contributes to our overall community.

● To provide a single, comprehensive document that describes the intent as well as the letter and manner of HROA development oversight.

As long-time owners and full-time residents at the Ranch, we at Hollister Ranch Realty are well versed in the development requirements which can be of great assistance to those desiring to build at the Ranch.