Large Events at Hollister Ranch

An owner's wedding Hollister Ranch


Every Hollister Ranch parcel is permitted 12 guests per day to be on the Ranch. In the event there is the need for a larger number of guests, an owner can apply for an extended guest list. The details for a large event and the associated costs can be found in the HROA Use Fee Schedule (contact HR Realty for details).

Larger events to be held exclusively at an owner’s parcel are normally approved without qualification. Events that will involve guests’ use of the Beach Recreation Area and one of the three beach cabañas are scrutinized more carefully. Since there are only the three cabañas, taking one out of service can have an impact on the rest of the owners at the Ranch.

So, larger events at a cabaña are not permitted at times when there may be more owners on the Ranch than on a typical day. Among the times that such events would not be approved would be on holidays, summer weekends and other times when more HR owners than usual are expected to be at the beach. It is best to plan one’s large events with those restrictions in mind.