Other Service Providers

Collection buckets for Hollister Ranch Tidepool School


Other Service providers to Hollister Ranch:

Laurel Moser Brady Landscape architect 805-963-5850

Kate Dole Landscape architect 805-965-1866

John Perry - Water Treatment Depot Water treatment 805-685-3543

Bill Risser - The Water Store 805-683-9600

Jeff Douglas - Tile Concepts Tile design & setting 805-736-1718

Ian Croshaw - Allen Energy - Finest Solar installations. Owned by a Hollister Ranch owner 805-884-8777

Other helpful sites: http://marinebio.net/marinescience/03ecology/index.htm - Outstanding tidepool information

http://www.shopzilla.com/ - Renown website for determination of the best prices on almost anything (created by a Hollister Ranch owner).

Emergency Information- Santa Barbara County emergency information

Terri Lajda - The finest graphic designer I could find 805-315-3752

Stan Krome - First Crescent Design 805-963-9393 outstanding web development