Outdoor Activities at Hollister Ranch

Kite-surfing is a popular beach activity for Hollister Ranch owners


The most predominant activities at Hollister Ranch involve either horseback riding or beach recreation. For those owners with no equestrian facilities on their own parcel, the 100-acre San Augustine Ranch will board owners’ horses relieving the owner of the necessary upkeep. Located near the San Augustine beach ramp, beach riding is easily accomplished from this facility.

The 8.5 miles of private beach frontage allows for more that horseback riding. Kayakers, surfers, kiters, divers, fishermen (and women) and sunbathers can find empty beaches and coves to enjoy their pastimes without the massive crowds found at public beaches. Much like the old days, parents can safely drop off their children at the sandy beach for a day of play. A caution… there are no lifeguards at the beach, so it is wise to have one’s children well trained in ocean water safety.

Many owners enjoy participation in Hollister Ranch affairs. In addition to occasional beach parties at the cabañas, there are number of functions that take place at the Hollister House (built by the Hollisters over 100 years ago, this facility serves multiple functions). Along with monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, the various committees (open to all owners) meet here. The Hollister Ranch Conservancy sponsors a number of events of interest throughout the year. These events are usually held in conjunction with a potluck dinner where owners bring a favorite dish to share.