Renting at Hollister Ranch

HR owners can rent at Hollister Ranch


Some Hollister Ranch owners will rent their homes either long term or short term. It is important to know that only those who already own property at the Ranch are able to rent at the Ranch. Rentals range for small bungalows to full country estates.

A number of people who are unsure of what they may want at the Ranch will purchase a small (1/12) interest that gives them access to the Ranch as well as to the recreational resources at the Ranch. After a period of time these owners will decide that either they are happy with their small, access interest or decide to purchase a larger interest (or an entire 100-acre parcel) in order to build.

Although it is rare, an owner of a small HR interest may decide the Ranch isn’t what they wanted, and they will sell their interest. In virtually every circumstance, sellers of small interests are paid more than what they originally paid.