What utilities are available to owners of these rural properties?

Some Hollister Ranch homes use a solar solution for their electric needs.


Water – All parcels at the Ranch have water wells. The wells have varying capacities and are of varying quality. There are a number of solutions to water quality that can provide drinking quality water for residential use. Approximately 1/3 of the parcels are served by three separate water companies. The water to these parcels has already been treated to state quality standards.

Electricity – Edison power poles run the length of the Ranch along the foothills serving the 30 Front Row parcels. Any other SCE supply must be run underground. Quite a number of parcels behind the Front Row parcels have run power up the canyons to their properties. Otherwise, many owners provide their own, on-site, power with solar installations, propane generators and windmills.

Telephone/Internet – A buried copper telephone cable runs the length of the Ranch more or less along the main road. As with electricity, phone cables to parcels must all be underground. Some parcels have access to cellular reception. The topography of Hollister Ranch makes reception to some parcels difficult.

The easternmost portion of the Ranch has access to the fiber optic cable that terminates at the Hollister Ranch gatehouse. As such, those parcels have potential access to DSL. The rest of the parcels depend upon satellite internet service.

Sewage – Either septic tanks with leach fields or dry wells are utilized for sewage disposal.

Trash - There are two trash dumpster sites at the Ranch for household refuse. Each site has four trash dumpsters and four recycling dumpsters.

Fire prevention/protection – Homeowners are required to clear a protection zone around their structures. That, along with the effects of cattle grazing, diminishes the potential for fire dangers as much as is possible in a rural area.

The Hollister Ranch Fire Company is composed of HROA employees, property owners, and owners’ employees. They complete expensive training in classes and learn on-the-ground fire containment methods. The Fire Company has several fire-fighting vehicles and water trucks. All of this personal and equipment is put into action immediately to contain any fire event until county Fire Station 18, located just outside of the Hollister Ranch gatehouse, arrives with the brave and efficient professionals.

Security - The Gaviota area, which includes Hollister Ranch, is patrolled by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. However, on-Ranch issues are addressed by the well-trained HROA security staff. There is a 24-hour manned gatehouse as well as a patrol that makes the rounds within the 14,000-acres.