Who has Access to Hollister Ranch Access other than owners and employees?

Hollister Ranch Entrance Gate


Each parcel (not each owner) is permitted twelve guests per day. The sponsoring owner must be on the Ranch when a guest is present, and the guest must leave when the sponsoring owner leaves the Ranch. Foe special events, the HROA management may approve an extended guest list where the owner is subjected to requirements and restrictions.

The HROA will offer occasional access to groups and individuals who are not owners or employees. For instance, for the past twenty years, Wendie Kruthers of Hollister Ranch Realty has coordinated the Hollister Ranch Tidepool School. Local elementary school children are shown the wonders of intertidal area by docents from UCSB and the Santa Barbara Sea Center. Preserved in their pristine condition by lack of public intrusion, the Hollister Ranch tidepools show the kids what used to exist along the entire California coast. Some of Wendie’s students have gone on to a career in Marine Biology as a result of the experience.

Wendie also hosts tours for the local chapter of the Audubon Society. Many avian species exist plentifully at Hollister Ranch while being rare elsewhere.

The Hollister Ranch (cattle) Cooperative gives tours to schoolchildren showing them the day-to-day activities of a cattle-grazing operation… the forth largest in Santa Barbara County.