Hollister Ranch Parcel 9

The undivided 25% interest in Parcel 9 allows entry for three family members to enjoy individual access to Hollister Ranch, to Parcel 9 and to the Common areas including an 8.5 mile stretch of private beach frontage as well as over 125 miles of country roads for hiking, biking, exploring and enjoying views of the undisturbed California landscape that have disappeared from virtually all of the rest of California coastal zone. Use this interest for a family recreational getaway. One may become so enthralled with what one encounters here at the Ranch that the 25% could be a stepping stone to a larger interest with rights to develop a structure (residence, guesthouse, etc.). This property is governed by a co-ownership agreement.

For those who want to enjoy true back country experiences in addition to the empty beaches, the west end of Hollister Ranch has had the least amount of human visitation and impact. The wildlife and flora is in the same condition as 100 years ago. It's California the way it was back then. Quiet walks beneath the Live Oak canopy in Cojo Canyon are energizing. From the top of the hill one has spectacular views of Cojo Bay and Point, Government Point and Point Conception. $615,000